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About Timpe
Our Core Values

Our client relationships often begin largely on the basis of trust. Sharing your private and confidential financial information demands a relationship built on trust. We value that trust as much as our clients and go to great lengths to ensure it is well earned and deserved.

Our product is service. Whether in the form of tax and accounting services, estate planning and business law recommendations, or investment planning and wealth management advice - service is our business and our goal is to deliver satisfaction.

Our value is delivered through experience and expertise. In a competitive market place we have to provide value. Our considerable professional experience practicing as CPAs, attorneys, and advisors assures we have the expertise to create and deliver value in the services we provide.

Our reputation is built on integrity. The trust is the result of delivering quality services for exceptional value. Quality advice based on professional experience, judgement, and integrity is what we expect for ourselves and what we expect to deliver to our clients. Our reputation and word of mouth is how we grow, and that depends on our integrity.