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Our law firm was started by Gary Timpe, JD, CPA, in early 2004 after he graduated from the Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law and passed the bar exam. Gary's experience serving small business and individual clients of the CPA firm allowed him to see a need for adding quality legal advice in the areas of small business transactions, operation, and estate planning.

Gary realized that the CPA firm's closely-held business tax and accounting services went hand in hand with closely-held business legal services, and the same with our individual clients. Our law firm is an extension of the professional services being offered under the Timpe name since 1977. Our law firm works closely with both the CPA firm and the wealth management firm to deliver well-rounded professional advice from the unique perspective of our three distinct disciplines under one roof.

Our business law practice offers counsel on many small business legal issues, from the early stages of business incubation to the final stages of business sales and liquidations. In the early stages of business start up we work closely with the CPA firm to determine the most tax efficient business structure for the entrepreneur's operation while making sure legal liability protection is as solid as possible. We also work closely with the CPA firm at the end of an owner's relationship with his business, assisting the client in negotiating the sale of a business, as well as evaluating the most tax efficient structure for the sale to maximize the amount of sale proceeds in the owner's pocket.

The estate planning practice focuses on assisting clients in documenting their wishes for the distribution of their assets and belongings. The service can be as simple as a basic will or as complex as multiple trusts and family limited partnerships. The underlying fundamentals are always the same - executing the client's wishes and instructions, minimizing taxes, and maximizing the wealth that is passed on to the next generation.

The law firm also represents a number of sports and entertainment related entities and individuals from local music acts to professional athletes to automobile race teams.