TIMPE is three separate firms working together to serve you better.

What Other People Say About us

  • Gary's team has helped me build two very successful businesses and numerous side projects with sound financial practices, tax guidance and advice. His thoroughness, his entire team's attention to detail, and his willingness to tackle any financial challenges that come our way has been a true asset.

    Jason Barth Premier Design Group, Owner
  • I have been a client of Timpe's for over 15 years. I started with the CPA side of the house for my personal and business needs, as my needs grew it was nice to be able to stay with one firm. I have been thrilled with the attention of the wealth management team and the working with the legal side of the house.

    Larry Z.
  • I've been using Timpe for over 10 years and recommend them highly.  From tax returns, to wealth management, to estate planning- my wife and I take comfort in the fact that we have a trusted partner no matter what life changes we encounter.

    Kevin McGuire

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